I’ve honestly never experienced such a response to any kind of a drink or food item as far as getting energy from it goes. It’s truly amazing for natural energy and it makes me feel so good. I love giving it to the kids too. I know I’m doing a good thing when I do that.

 I have to give my testimonial on this product  💖I am travelling Australia with my daughters and we purchased a large container to support our immune system and make up for not being able to have our 'Green Smoothies' , something we have pretty much depended on for our health and well being for years. We have used these greens regularly, have been away 3mths now , have not been sick at all , we had the possibility of gastro coming on from some very bad water in Katherine , we were immediately on the greens and collodial silver and only had a slight discomfort for 1 day ! My 9year LOVES it and I have to monitor how much she puts in , my 12yr old did not at first but now asks me for it if i have forgotten over a few days ! We are healthy and well and I KNOW the 'Sun Love' Greens are one of the biggest contributing factors for us ! Thank-You Sandra x we will always be sourcing this integral product made via lengthy research, knowledge, wisdom and an understanding of what nourishes and supports the human body. I am very , very happy I took a BULK lot of this with us xxxxxxx

Donna Lisa Grey

I absolutely love Sun Love Greens. I have been taking it every day for the last 6 weeks. I mix it with organic rice milk and banana and it tastes delicious! I feel so good afterwards. Thank you so much Sandra Kimler for creating such a wonderful nutritious product.  ❤ 💖 ❤

Tyffany Howard

I love SunLove Greens! The taste is amazing. The health benefits are amazing. And I have more energy than I know what to do with. Thanks, my gorgeous friend!!! You have created a magnificent product for the world. ❤️ ❤️ 

Awesome! Love your greens Sandra Kimler. Xxx

Justina Casuarina



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