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Sun Love Greens - What to expect.

April 7, 2017

What you can expect from taking my beautiful Sun Love Greens: Every bit of your body is taken care of directly or indirectly by the ingredients in the greens. As we take Sun Love Greens once or twice a day in water with one scoop or a couple of scoops in a smoothie, we will enjoy the benefits very quickly. What we will find first is that we have more energy, especially around 3 pm in the afternoon. After taking Sun Love for a few days, your body is doing a few things simultaneously. First of all Sun Love Greens will support your adrenaline glands that are depleted (everyone’s is), it will detox your body straight away. While it is doing so, it also is repairing tissue, improving cell structure, knit stronger bones, build lean muscles, stronger nails and hair and it can do so because you are getting all the nutrition you need, all the while your immunity is getting stronger and stronger. When we have a strong immunity, we do not get sick or tired and we can deal with stress better. We become toned naturally, our skin looks better, and our eyesight and hearing improves. We continue to get rid of toxins and our brain fog disappears. Our depression lessons, we cope better, we see the light of day or we see humor where before we would feel down and unhappy. All ingredients are congruent with each other. You’ll find no fungi in it as it doesn’t go with any of Sun Love’s ingredients. Much Health to you. San





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