The Healthy have many wishes, and the sick just have one. 

Sandra offers Nutritional mentoring and has developed her own style which has proven to be very effective. Her mentoring is so powerful because the sessions encompass the whole person - Nutritionally, Emotionally and Spiritually.  Sandra has developed her own brand of Certified Organic Supergreens called SunLove which is highly Nutritious and helps in every aspect of your life.

"People with poor nutritional habits often suffer from depression and low vitality" Sandra says.  "It is important that we gently peel back the emotional layers and fully understand why the person spiralled down before we implement the Nutritional building blocks to better health, increased energy levels and inner happiness.  The Body follows the Mind so it is of great importance to treat both."  

Sandra offers one on one mentoring starting at $125 per session.  One session is a highly cost-effective way for anyone who just wants to get back on track without the need for ongoing sessions.  In these sessions the focus is on your daily life habits and diet. Clients then receive a personalised report emphasising their individual needs.  This will help them overcome the main problems that they  experience during day to day life.  

 Your Choice, Your Health, Your Life.


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