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Includes 12 Skype Sessions and 24/7 email communication. 

As a Bonus you'll receive Sandra's book: "So, Why Become Vegan?"  and as a 

Special Bonus, you'll receive on top of that the large 400 grams Sun Love Greens packet. 

Nutrition Mentoring 3 Months

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  • My vision is to empower you through my teachings to effectively make 'Health' a life style. You will learn what foods will give you the power of lasting vital health. I will take you step by step through a proces that will lift you, energise you, give you exellent immunity and enjoy the power of positive outlook on life with a motivational mindset. Three months of receiving support from me and guiding you through this time of change will cement your knowledge of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  I will keep you accountable with 24/7 support. You'll love the change in you, you'll feel proud of achieving goals and also you'll be amaized of the nutritional knowledge which you'll learn along the way. One thing is for sure, I will support you every step of the way. 

  • Please contact Sandra:


835 Federal Dr
Goonengerry, 2482



0455 699 988

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