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Some Background

SunLove is a trendsetting Online Store, offering our first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.  Where it all started is due to Sandra Kimler being unable to find that one perfect product to use for her and her family. Every morning it was a bland of at least seven different products. It was very costly and it was still not to the high standard that Sandra strives for. " I've been in the Nutritional industry for 30 years and I knew what I wanted.  What ever I was going to take, It had to be Certified Organic, It also had to be Alkaline and congruent with all the other ingredients. I decided to create my own Super Green Powder mixture that I was happy to have and share with my family. I now am proud to share SunLove Greens with the rest of the world."  SunLove Greens is a single product that includes 36 Certified Organic Superfoods, it's gluten free, soy-free, Vegan, alkalising, nothing synthetic or GM. Just a scoop per day is enough to give you immunity health, support your adrenalines, increase your energy levels, aids with weight loss and much much more. 


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